I’ll publish articles in English ( sometimes ).

Hello. My name is Kurotama ( It’s a pen name, of course ) .

I hope to introduce Japanese temples and shrines, particularly Kamakura, to tourists from overseas. So, I learn English.

My English skill is poor, but I’m happy if you enjoy this blog.

I love Kamakura

I love Kamakura particularly. Do you know Kamakura?

Kamakura is in the East of Kanagawa Prefecture and the South of Tokyo.

There is Kamakura era in Japanese history. This era was from 1185 to 1333, about 800 years ago from now.

The government of Kamakura era is called Kamakura Bakufu today. Bakufu means shogunate. The present, Kamakura is one of the famous sights in Japan. In fact, I always see foreigners when I visit Kamakura.

Kamakura was one of some capitals in Japanese history, so there are many sights you should see.

Of couse, besides Kamakura

I usually publish articles in Japanese, but I’ll introduce Japanese temples and shrines little by little in English too. If you have an interest, sometimes come to see this website.



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